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Hi!! I am from Italy, and saw Pat here...I really think it is a great performer and cowboy!!!
hello to everybody from Italy!!!

Theresa & Wes 

Miss you, Pat!


Pat you're the best... Next time I come out to see yeah can you play me an old song?


Harold George Vilcu 

You are a great entertainer,. and one day I want to see you play out of Nashville, You really made our 43rd wedding anniversaryJuly 19th,very special tonite with all the old songs from the 50,s and 60,s. Thank you so much. Harold and Dianne Vilcu. Weyburn Sask Canada.
                            July 21 2012


hey Pat
Just letting you know that you're getting airplay in Australia

philip dales 

Huge fan.  Please add me to your email list / fan club.

tom martin 


Hey Pat, how are you and the boys doin? It's been a while, maybe we can make it out you way soon. Heather says Hi and tell Danny hello.seeya TM

Brenda Muller 

Hi Pat!

I fell in love with your voice and music over 12 years ago when I used to go out to the Buffalo Chip to dance.  (Terry taught me how to country dance and then I was hooked on the dancing AND your music and became a regular there.)  You probably don't remember me, but I used to bug you to record your music so I could listen to you at home!  I would occasionally bring my own recorder to record you.  I was the one always requesting Marty Robbins' songs.   

I have your first (autographed) CD and now look at you!!!  A second CD out, your own fan website and you've been to Europe to perform!!! Way to go Pat!  I love your new songs, by the way, and it's difficult to pick out a favorite - - They all sound great!

Looking at the pictures and listening to your music again made me feel all nostalgic and I remembered the few times I got to "hang out" with Larry, Danny and sometimes Mike when you guys were on break.  They're all such great guys and even though they didn't realize it at the time, I appreciated their ability to make me laugh when I was going through such a hard time in my life.  Please let them know they're being fondly thought of and tell them Brenda (your biggest fan) says "hi!"

A different kind of "hard time" is with me now, as it is with millions of Americans out of work during these lousy economic times but at least I can go on listening to Marty Robbins - - and you Mr. Pat James!!  I'll be sure to purchase your second CD once I'm employed again......Keep on singin' Pat!

Love you (all)  -- God bless you!


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