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Don Nelson 

Love your music and you're sound keep up the good work


Pat, Leslie and I miss hearing you play. Where are you now ? The Chip is not the same without you. Silver Sage is fine, but they are certainly no Pat James

Mike Shiflett 

Was looking for Jack Smith on YouTube and you have a good video of Jack just before he passed. Jack and I became friends for a short time when he and I were young. He sold me his old ZB D-10 in Feb 1973 when Sho-Bud gave him a new steel. He was playing for the Happy Goodman Family and living in Madisonville Ky. I still have the bar and picks he gave me. Had not spoken to Jack in all these years and it broke my heart when I heard the news of his passing. Keep singing Pat...I'm sure you and Jack had some great times...he was a great guy...Mike Shiflett 


Enjoyed the week end- Wish you the best. So many old memories

Belinda Moreno 

I remember Pat at 9 years old, dropping him off for his lessons.  The guitar case was almost bigger than he was!  He is truly the best musician ever!

Shari Severson 

Hey, Pat . . . Al and I miss you . . . since you aren't performing in Cave Creek as much these days !!   Our Desert Mt house has been rented out all winter . . . so we have not been in AZ these past few months.    We will be there during this summer . . . hope to catch your show sometime in Cave Creek.   Or maybe we'll drive up to Wickenburg to see you.    Really miss hearing your music !!!!

Deryl Sweat 

We miss you Pat.  Sorry we don't get to see you as often.  Spent some time with Gene Watson this fall.  He didn't know about Jack's death.  You are the best my friend.  Is Danny back with you?

Karen Trexler 

I live in East Mesa, and will drive a long way to hear Pat sing.  If it isn't him singing, the music just doesn't sound right.  I surely wish he would play closer to home, but, if not, he is worth the drive.  He is the best!
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